The Battle for Azeroth is on!


The new expansion with new raids and other challenges is finally here.
We’re off to a good start with a full team of happy, exited and inspired raiders who are eager to conquer the new content Blizzard has handed us. Bugs, nerfs and memes included.

Battle of Dazar’alor

The second raid of BfA is finally here. This time we’ll bring some punishment to the Horde and, in schizophrenic confusion, beat up our own leaders!

Heroic progress: ClearedMythic progress: Cleared

Champion of the Light
Jadefire Masters
Grong, the Revenant
Conclave of the Chosen
King Rastakhan
High Tinker Mekkatorque
Stormwall Blockade
Lady Jaina Proudmoore

G’huun has fallen!


369 world rank, highest we’ve achieved so far, and Ghuun dead after 190 wipes. We’ve overcome more challenges than we signed up for and we can be proud of downing this tier’s final boss with a strong and determined team and a significant leap from our previous tiers. Good job everyone!

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