Storming Hellfire Citadel Complete



Winter’s Heart has been raiding Hellfire Citadel since the introduction of the latest patch with a raiding team consisting of friendly and mature raiders. So far we have downed the following bosses in heroic and mythic difficulties:


Archi Mythic Down!

Gratz Guys, a long time coming but as per usual WH style we get there in the end.

A well deserved congratulations.

Mannoroth shall not rise again!

The rise of Mannoroth was denied by a nice crew of very determined WH raiders 10.03.16.

Such a nice one-shot start on a beautiful thursday evening.

….I think someone lost a bet. ;)

Xhul’horac Mythic Down!

Gratz on killing Xhul’horac Mythic! 17/01/16

Two more to go!

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