Guild Requirements

What are we looking for?

You must be age 18 or above.


We need folks to commit to 3 mandatory days a week – Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Raid times are between 19.15-23.00 server time

Raid invites go out at 19.15 and raid starts at 19.30

If you value personal gain over the success of the team

If you think of us as a place where you can learn your class

If you see us as a bus stop to the next guild, then Winters Heart is not the guild for you.

If, however, you think you are a team player who knows his class inside and out, who comes to raids prepared with the knowledge to suceed, then by all means continue reading.

We require exceptional people to be able to clear content while it is still current

We are not here to hold your hand, you must know the encounters before raid start


Please, if you need a dictionary to understand this website, don’t apply.

You must be able to speak English, listen and communicate on voice comms as well.

You must be reachable. If we need to contact you, we will do so via the e-mail you provided, Bnet or Discord.


We need you to maintain a certain level of focus during boss fights.

While this is a game we need mature cool heads.

We are an adults only guild, hence it is expected that you will behave like one during raids.

Knowing when to shut up and knowing when to take criticism will take you far in life and also in our guild.


Out-of-game requirements:

• You apply to us, not several guilds at the same time.
• A stable connection.
• We are using Discord as voice comms, having a working microphone is essential.
• Other add-on requirements will be communicated to you by the recruitment officer.
• Be active on our forums. Learn where to find things.

In-game requirements:

• Your character is fully gemmed, enchanted and you come prepared with all consumables suited for your class/role.

• You have the gear to participate in current content.

• You are willing to respec when needed.


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