The raiding of Uldir has begun; will MOTHER spank us?


Uldir raid

Heroic: Cleared on first reset.

Mythic progress: Cleared!
TalocMOTHERFetid DevourerZek’voz, Herald of N’zothVectis
- Zul RebornMythrax the UnravelerG’huun

Sunflowers vs Argus: 1 – 360 !


Rank 7 server and 616 world, without extending the lockout after our first Aggramar kill!

Its been a great Tier, and its all thanks to an amazing team (having a full team showing up on an extra raid night to compensate for lost holiday raids is an achievement on its own:D).

Kudos to Nuszka (best escort and orb catcher), Lupe and Derravia for the Orb catch saves and flawless gameplay (that iceblock at the end:O); Thx to our shamans -Alttec, Shaladria and Thali – for carrying us this entire tier (there, I said it:D and not just for the retri procs:P) and our mages – Allusis, Derravia and Amunkar (agreed that baby blue is the better shade of blue^^), Bern (best tank on Silvermoon confirmed^^, keep wielding that scythe for Winters Heart and make us proud) and Lylly who finally got the healing he asked for:D Lol for playing his under-geared main after tanking on his alt most of the tier and therefore saving our asses, same with Nuszka and Shak who played alts and ensured we have a good set-up, Heehaw, our brave and devoted kitty, guiding us through blades, Warvelous our overworked and reliable warlock, Koopa for executing the hell out of Argus (never doubted you will make it there alive:^) Buns for giving retri a good name and crushing those numbers, Mist for doing the boring job that someone had to, like the selfless GM that he is, Thaliandra – again – for the many hours put into researching and optimising our healing cd’s and tactics, and to our healers who did a great job and put up with our whining -Arha how the hell did u make it out with that soulbomb in ph2? Arolir and Law making even Lylly happy in the end:D and ofc Magik, also re-rolling to a class we needed and that he totally crushes, we missed our pigeon – only regret I have on this kill.

We did it FOR FERN! and for Ish and the other great ppl that we’ve had alongside this expansion, for Ellenne and the hugs, for Dragos, Fleosc and Rag – our dear loyal and patient raiders who we are so grateful to, and ofc, last but definitely not least, for Koopa’s mom!

PS: We killed this when we had more pallies than shamans, point proven!:D

Burn. Burn! BUUURN! …oh wait. Let’s put those fires out.

ANTORUS, THE BURNING THRONE (Bring mages, we need water…)

Heroic cleared first reset! – Check out Derp’s medley of all bosses falling. :-)

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