Who are we

Our History

We were founded in 2005. We are one of Silvermoon’s oldest raiding guilds, having raided every tier of content since Molten Core. Over the years we have organised over 2500 mandatory raids.

Our Goal

is to clear all current encounters while they are current and relevant, while preserving our reputation as being one of the most stable guilds on Silvermoon. For that purpose we value progress but above all we value the community. We have a strong and friendly, drama free community, and we offer a relaxed and focused raiding environment. While your skill and progress as a raider is important, we are equally interested in our raiders sharing the same values that ensured our stability over time: loyalty, friendship and reliability. Outside main raids we have a significant number of activities in order to keep everyone involved in doing the content they prefer: social/alt raids, M+ farming or pushing, PvP etc.

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